• Writing = Studio

    Writing = Studio

  • Working = Process

    Working = Process

  • Players = Music

    Players = Music


Iron Toad Records is the beating heart of the Sebastian Brown Productions company. This is no surprise since company founder, Sebastian Brown, is a well-respected Singer/Songwriter with a passion for independent artistry. Thinking outside the box in both the production and distribution of a new form of music soon to be released through LedZapp. Iron Toad Records specializes in offering Artist & Repertory services to undiscovered talent and seasoned artists alike. Unlike other labels, ITR offers the highest quality studio & video production, cutting edge marketing strategies, and physical and digital distribution channels all under one roof.

Music will always be. In the surroundings you are right there with them. Right on top of your heart and deep within your soul they stay. Created by generations and inspired by natural forces, the notes that make the songs will always be. If there is life, there is music.


It's all about the music...
This is where the great unknown happens...minds get together and ideas are brought to life by some of the greatest musicians on the planet...magic happens.